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The EU and My Vote

The EU and My Vote

This is a subject in which I feel absolutely lost on. I am an easily swung voter, but I’d like to think I try to keep a level head and keep the big picture in mind.

There is a wealth of information out there, it’s hard to know where to start. What will be the economic consequences? What will be the social consequences? What will this mean for EU immigration? What will this mean for our justice system? And the less essential argument taken by some newspapers… WHAT IF OUR HOLIDAYS COST MORE?

There are already a lot of comments in the news on above but I feel as though some crucial questions have either not been addressed, or their answered have not be publicised in plain sight. For example:

  • What will be the estimated administration costs of the leaving the EU?
  • How long will this take?
  • What could we be potentially be saving by not being in the EU?
  • What would be plans for this potentially saved cash?

This last point I feel would add a great dimension to any debate or any consideration. I, personally, am sceptical that leaving the EU has real benefits for us because of what an administrative burden that would be, but, if I was told the amount we could be saving and what we could do with it, (i.e. pay junior doctors more, inject it into the NHS deficit or build more affordable housing) then this would be a huge factor in my considerations!

However, I do understand that that these would be promises hard to make. After all, if we left, we would still need to agree terms of trade agreements. Trade agreements that could still be costly in themselves and cost a great deal to negotiate. Yet, I find myself wanting to know about this. I want to know all the facts.

These points about the cost of leaving is sometimes called scaremongering tactics by the side that wants to stay in the EU. However, I actually want more on these subjects, I don’t consider it scare mongering to simply tell the truth about what we know and what we don’t know. I simply find that to be honesty.

All in all, I feel totally confused as a voter. I’d like someone to give me a pre-made leaflet of pros and cons and lay out in plain fact what we know and what we don’t know because at the moment.