Dear Teacher


This post is dedicated to my A Level Philosophy teacher. 

You showed me the true joy of learning. You gave me more passion and inspiration with your enthusiasm and belief in me that you can ever imagine.

You gave me a purpose, when unbeknown to you I was close to giving up.

You gave me the freedom of the mind and confidence in myself to pursue higher education. I am not sure I would have gone to university, made something of myself and met my husband if you had not been there pushing me forward.

You opened my eyes to options, which have since become a reality. I remember the day you told me that I could pursue philosophy and later become a lawyer . I sniggered as if that was a crazy idea. You would chuckle now.

You was my mentor and my friend and the adult who was the voice of reason that I needed in my life. It is hard to believe, I am nearly the same age now as you was then.

I wish I could find you, just to tell you, thank you.